Without any doubt this is a question that many people would like to clarify, because of the large curiosity of our travelers, we decided to find an answer to explain the following:ausangate-montana-de-los-7-colores

To understand how the colorful mountain was formed we must first understand how mountains are formed. so we turn to geology and orogeny to have a clearer and scientific idea on this issue .The hand ranges of the mountains are formed by collisions of different tectonic plates like these, they cannot move horizontally, so when they impact they do vertically forming ridges and mountains and other landforms but not only are formed by endogenous entities how these collisions, also they are formed by exogenous factors, mostly by weather events, these factors are what make the mountains maintain and have their particular triangular feature.

But the formation of the colorful mountain is much older. For this we go back in time and back 24 million years ago approximately, then, different layers of sediment rocks like sandstone, halite, gravel, clay and other minerals were compacted one above the other to form different layers as masses plasticine, being pressed one above the other according to the weight of each layer; the heaviest on the bottom and the other above them.

As time passes, with movement and collision of tectonic plates gave rise to new mountains, as explained above these masses pressings were raising colors while keeping these typical colors. However the snow, rain and wind were commissioned to preserve and above all to keep its splendor its fairly typical colors.

It also influences the height because this place is about 5000 m.a.s.l. It makes the vegetation is sparse to the point of not growing that much, if there would vegetation, this great mountain chain could not be visible.people-from-the-rainbow-mountain-peru

As we saw not only involving endogenous and exogenous factors for birth and conservation of this place but also geographical, is a set of curious mixtures characteristic of our nature because only she can show us curious landscapes that often escape our imagination, impacting more than a thousand tourists is available to visit the famous “Mountain of 7 colors”. Adventure awaits us.