Cusco Valley offers endless landscapes that are mostly located on the banks of the sacred river Vilcanota, the huge snake through the valley of Cusco to the maximum extent watering of life left and right; on the visit of the Sacred Valley we will visit most villages located on its shores. They are mostly people who still preserve the customs, traditions and designs they had in Inca times when they were originally founded and which had large roles to fill for the development of society.
Just at the end of this amazing set of places we find the wonderful Machu Picchu; one of the New Seven Wonders of the World; the journey here has been unforgettable and comfortable and once we start the visit we will find assailed by countless questions How the Incas were able to build a city in this place? Why this citadel was abandoned? All our questions will be answered once we start this unforgettable adventure.

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Start Time: 8:30 hrs the first day

End Time: 22:00 hrs the second day approximately

Duration: 2 days

Price: $340.00

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