camino inca 2 dias 1 noche


Cusco, at 3,400 masl gave birth to the Empire of the Incas, navel of the world, cosmopolitan city of Peru and America. Tourist destination that every visitor would like to know once in their life, induced by the famous “Machu Picchu” wonder of the world; and doing it so simply you’ll find more reasons to stay. A point that starts the journey of the famous and no less impressive Inca Trail, which demands an exhausting day of physical exertion but also re-comfortable walk of 26 kilometers in approximately 5 hours, making it a unique experience and unmatched; with the presence of sacred landscapes that show the best of their flora and fauna; a scenario that deepens the mystery of its Inca ghosts crowning place with powerful charms that surround their mega constructions.

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Start Time: 02:30 a.m the first day

End Time: 21:00 aprox. it can change all depends on your train time.

Duration: 2 days

Price: $45000

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