cóndor de los andes macho

The Andean Condor reigns majestically in the remote wilderness, here the deep ravines and gorges occasionally catch some unwary and can provide good food to the king of scavengers. In a world that constantly changes, this great animal is given the task of surviving for when food is scarce for the Andean condor, he is not worried about walking 160 kilometers in search of bodies, a male with hungry chicks to feed; he will have better opportunities for more overflight given.

The wings with which plans the Andean Condor, are the largest of the animal kingdom, their visual acuity is very good and know where to look, their favourite place is the breeding territory of the Guanaco, these wild relatives of the llama called “mandas” living in the mountainous regions of large proportion in South America. Condors expect to get a chance while males fight over females, one of the black arts of Guanacos is attacking the genitals and his form of defense is to sit, this sexism causes injuries and creates opportunities for scavengers. The owls are always the first to reach the body, are those who try the food of the condors, but soon the condor discovers and is about to land, once grounded its natural majesty disappears and becomes a huge turkey of 14 kilograms, the vultures boots are put and flee while they can, when they start to eat, the first condor quickly begins to arrive, recognizable by the ridge males who are usually the first to appear, females lacking the flamboyant appendix come then young brown to them, last turn corresponds to peck, everyone knows where it belongs, all very civilized, families eat happily, all eat together and while there is always one standing guard. The gray fox has known about the party and can hunt birds, usually the first condor eats which is the most difficult to take off, it carries a kilo and a half overweight, despite that its huge wings and flying skill save them by hairs.

The Andean Condor returns to its nest and its hatchlings are encouraged to see this, he has the bulging throat of so much food stored. Condors have one partner for life and raise their chicks one by one, take care of small one up to two-years old when he already has the age to manage by himself, nests are found in large precipices that generates large airflows which serves as help raising the heavy body of the condor, and also contributes to flying lessons pup, at 6 months the male teaches his little to fly, giving him the example, after a while the mother pushes freefall her calf it is their litmus test.

It is very difficult to see a condor flying alone, because if they don’t walk in flocks, they do it in pairs, these condors rarely away from the Andes since they need from their winds to rise. Condors with relatively long-lived birds, it may take up to 50 years. In view of bird Andean condor, some of the most mysterious places in Peru are revealed, then they fly over through the incomparable Machu Picchu, also for the wonderful Choquequirao and the legendary Nazca Lines until they reach the other side, the rich Peruvian coasts. The bays of the coast of Paracas in Peru are teeming with sea lions, these giants of 350 kilos full of testosterone compete savagely by females, and tragedies are inevitable, the Andean condor just has to find a victim, but these combative males are very hard to die, these are the offsprings, their passes suffering from the consequences. Beside the condors, there are the buzzards who are also waiting to see who will be his next prey. The vultures are the first to reach the dam, but then the Condor descends with awesomeness, getting scare, all give way to the king, no buzzard would dare to challenge an Andean condor in its wedding. At the end of the trip, the condor takes its deserved position as the great Lord of the Andes.