April 30, 2016
top 10 animales mas sorprendentes del manu

Top 10 Manu Animals

Manu National Park, a paradise of nature, a whole vast amount of animals and plants in one place. Manu Reserve is located in Peru, between the departments of Cusco and Madre de Dios, with an area of 1,532,806 hectares. This great life-of-mine is divided in three territories: the National Park Reserved Zone and Transition Zone. Now, we will introduce the most impressive animals found in this jewel of nature.

The most amazing animals of Manu


A majestic feline belonging to the subfamily of the “Panterinos”. A robust animal with black spots on its orange body. The sharpness of his senses and his ability to run made him become the King of


A huge animal family Boas, of all snakes is the greatest weight. His body is dark green with black spots.anaconda del manu

River Otter

An animal that quite contrary to its name is pretty friendly and sociable, also known as “Giant Otter”. He is carnivorous and lives mainly in rivers and lakes. River Otters usually mobilize in groups of eight.lobo de rio

Black Caiman

A fearsome hunter, with its 6 meters in size can devour deer and tapirs even other large animals. With a dark scale as night inhabits lakes and freshwater rivers.

caiman negro

Emerald Boa

A snake of a quite striking colour. He has the tusks more pronounced than his other fellow species, although it is not poisonous fangs, but a bite can cause you a great wound. It grows to 1.8 meters.boa esmeralda

Spider monkey

Also known as “Spider Monkey”, this peculiar animal likes walking in groups of 40 to 50 peers. Your maximum body size is 50 centimeters, but his arms are long enough hence the reason for its name.maquisapa


A rather peculiar mammal can grow up to 1.7 meter, he is a relative of the anteaters and armadillos. They usually live in trees, their favorite dish are the leaves and buds of trees.

oso perezoso


Also called “Hoatzin”, it is a bird that lives in marshes, is a slender animal. They reproduce by laying eggs. They have a bright red eyes and measure up to 60 centimeters.



A terrifying spider, with a great size for his kind, his looks like something out of a horror movie. But, they do not possess any deadly poison.tarantula


Belonging to the family of parrots, with an endless variety of colours in their plumage. Its scientific name is “Ara”. They have a little big hook-shaped allowing you to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, some guy animal small as amphibians and small lizards.