San Pedro and alternative medicine

April 28, 2016

In addition to the use of shamanistic ritual, the San Pedro has other applications that are used empirically, without clear, scientific evidence of the properties that are attributed popularly still have. Here are mentioned only for information, on the other uses of San Pedro.

– To relieve headache; cut into thin slices that are placed on the front fastened by a large scarf or a headband.

– To strengthen the hair and prevent dandruff; liquefies cut with cold water, then he puts on hair and allowed five to eight minutes, finally rinse hair. If you want, you can let it ferment for use later, thus it is more effective power.

– When you have kidney pain; a poultice is made and placed on the painful part.

– For sore waist, a hot poultice that changes four times a day is used.

– To erase the scars of wounds, parts of the stems are ground and a patch is placed on the affected part.

– For some skin diseases or problems associated with the skin.

– As a remedy against worms, mixed with lemon. It is also possible to use against foot and mouth disease of cattle.