Preparation and rituals of San Pedro

As it is common in shamanic practice, within the parameters commonly used and accepted, as are the use of Cactus San Pedro and its relationship with the spirits, each shaman has a particular way of acting and interpreting according to the context and the peculiar conditions in which it’s up exercise their practice. In this diversity, in the absence of rigidly pre-established ritual norms, is the wealth of this ceremony, the shaman vital adaptation to the particular circumstances of the moment, the environment and the participants. The “San Pedro Cactus” is usually found in the Andes, between 2,000 and 3,000 meters, but has also been adapted perfectly on the coast of Peru. it is also found in Bolivia and Ecuador. You can locate this cactus in the wild and also cultivated by the hand of man. It can reach to have, on average, between three to four meters high, and acquire some small variations of shape and texture, according to the climate and soil in which it develops. In general is the highest quality to make a decision, due to its higher quality of mescaline (trimetoxifenetilamina), which according to chemical analysis is the main psychoactive substance containing the San Pedro.

The Achuma, San Pedro, can be found quite easily in popular markets and health food stores, where their sale is free. It is bought by housewives because according to popular belief, which comes from the memory of ancient pre-Hispanic legends, it protects the houses of any curse. Also some people acquire a “San Pedro” when a child is born, they say, they bring good luck; they put the plant the name of the newborn for the “spirit” of San Pedro accompany the infant as his twin brother.

When choosing the cactus, some shamans prefer in its natural state because you think it is closer to Mother Nature and is stronger than the San Pedro planted. Other experts choose either any of the options. However, the San Pedro planted must have as a precondition have been blessed with special prayers said by the Shaman. Introduced in a special land chosen from seven different places. We also have to offer the San Pedro a little perfume and Florida liquor which sprinkles water spraying on the ground. You also have to make payments and special food offerings to San Pedro. This is an ideal way to plant, but there are numerous variations, all of which seek to please the spirit of cactus, become his friend. There is also no excessive strictness what time and how should collect and prepare San Pedro. For most shamans, it is important to collect the plant at night with the full moon following the local tradition.

Others prefer different times of the day; this marks an essential difference because the important thing in San Pedro, essentially, apart from the forms, is the vision. The power of vision is the center of San Pedro itself as master plant.

The strength of the hallucinogenic component coupled with the experience and abilities, sometimes extraordinary, the shaman, and the degree of cosmic consciousness developed by this are the only effective means to handle the power of the spirit of San Pedro.

To effectively achieve this requirement, you must follow some previous steps to do not offend the spirit of San Pedro. When the hallucinogenic is prepared, these steps have a logical and functional sequence for the Shaman. Must be chosen the right time to start cooking, it can be before dawn or dusk before sunset. Utensils used for cooking: spoons, ladles, knives, pots and others may not have had contact with natural elements that are considered contrary or enemies of San Pedro. As chili, onion, garlic and salt. Preferably, if possible, the pot should be mud. The “San Pedro” is cut into slices not very large, 10 to 15 centimeters, in order to release its hallucinogenic elements. Boiling may last between six and eight hours, during which you will add water to the pot, but very carefully that will not be overflowing, it is considered that the San Pedro. While making cooking goes well, the Shaman is praying, crossing himself and making signs of the cross above the liquid is boiling. In the preparation of the beverage, it can participate in helping several people, no clutch, only the shaman is responsible formula and dose of preparation and the way the concoction is distributed among the attendees decision.

Before you start taking, the shaman, addressing the group, makes prayers and invocations for the ritual, is conducive and beneficial to all participants; Then, lowering his voice, still mumbling his prayers to the spirit of San Pedro, always asking for good omens, for the spirit of cactus rejects all evil. Only invocations and deep desires must be connected with good, to love, to be heard.

For decision, participants make a round and use a single container, glass, cup or glass. Regardless, the shaman begins to distribute the drink in the direction of clockwise. Passing the container to another hand, the person who wants health delivery to the recipient and this in turn also repeats the same bodes well for visions are favourable. The alternate shots that can be three to five per person, they provide there are personally struck by the shaman who leads the ceremony and is very attentive to create the enabling environment vigilant and observe appropriate behavior of the participants. Well, the effects of the active substance, mescaline, can be felt between one to two hours once ingested the drink and then lasts between six and nine hours according to the assimilation of the policyholder. The effects on normal people generally are psychologically pleasant; it begins with feelings of elation, euphoria, fantastic, wonderful visions, where structures, shapes and vivid different colour cringe. After the participant enters a stage of great serenity and alertness, and your body relaxes completely running loose. The perception of the individual subjectivizes internalizing their psychological empowered towards a form of reflective intuition. However, it should be noted very seriously that people with psychological problems or existentialists should completely refrain from using this type of psychedelics by strongly negative health effects, which can cause ingestion in this particular type of individual substances.

The flying object undertaken by the shaman through San Pedro is to see, anticipate, perusing through the power of the spirit of the sacred cactus. This speaks and makes him see visions to interpret what is the origin of physical or psychological illnesses, fortune telling, deceit, jealousy, loves, hidden enemies, evil spells and difficulties which impede prosperity. By the power of the Shaman, San Pedro flies, moves to other worlds and regions, enters astral unfolds. There inquired about the issues and questions that have made him. Enter the spiritual world to seek the causes of the balance causing the evils. His vision is multiple and very particular, it depends on your own level of consciousness in intuition. By hallucinogen inhibits and penetrates the most remote areas of the unconscious, according to Jung, the richest and most creative part of the human psyche makes the unconscious conscious, ie, it develops lucidity. In addressing the trip, the media, weaknesses, selfishness, fears and inhibitions, without protection or self-deception or masks, the person is discovered as it really is, then rebuilt in its original self. We also find this spiritual path and likeness in illumination (satori) which is reached by the zen way.