April 25, 2016
salida del sol tres cruces del sol

An eternity in an instant, you live it at the exit of the sun in the “Tres Cruces de Oro”, in the province of  Paucartambo, Cusco. This view is an excess of pleasure for the senses, as the sun breaks in the holy colours of a rainbow.

one of the most amazing sunrise in the world

After visiting this beautiful place, your perspective will never be the same.  The effect of our closest star above the clouds is like being in another world, left a scar of good memories. The seventh month of the year, July is the perfect time to visit this place fabulous time. The dawn seems to be the decomposition of water of a lake in the sky, this must be the dream landscape.  To reach this innermost location that opens the doors to Manu, a trip of about 5 hours is from the imperial city of Cusco, and being at the 3,700 m.a.s.l. We’ll reach our destination. Being here is to revive the taste of the first time. In the “Tres Cruces de Oro, I hang time, while nature enchants me, that time is no longer I, I am one with nature. A chameleonic light pierces a space of sky.

You need to see it to know