February 11, 2018
Biking por Cusco - 2018


Given its geography, Cusco is one of the main tourist destinations for practicing mount cycling in the country. Downhill and mountain rides, or cross country, are two of the most popular mountain cycling sports in the Sacred Valley.

Cross country is one of the most extended disciplines and can be practiced by anybody in good athletic condition. It consists of uphill and downhill biking, which isn’t too steep, both dirt paths and paved areas. The main routes are Maras-Moray, the mountain pass Corao-Pisac and Pisac-Urubamba, but you can find longer routes (like Cuatro Lagunas of Paruro), depending on the amount of days the tour lasts and the money you want to spend.

Downhill is a bit more difficult: the rides downwards are much steeper and you to do jumps and maneuver around natural obstacles. In Cusco it is practiced in the mountains and in steep mountain paths. The most important routes are located in Moray-Ollantaytambo, Chinchero-Huayllabamba and in the mountain pass of Malaga-Quillabamba. However, there are much longer routes for specialists, some can even ta’ up to 15 days, or longer.

The most popular route in Cusco is the mountain pass that goes from Abra Málaga 11,200 meters of altitude) to Ollantaytambo (2,800 meters of altitude), where the Megavalanche competition is done annually. Around 150 cyclers participate in this marathon style downhill competition, which covers 12 km of ramps, dirt roads and jumps. A real test of physical and mental resistance.