March 24, 2016
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Deserter of chemical department of a ceramic industry, Albert Garcia Serrats, now converted to naturism, is one of the few teachers empowered by the “Generalità de Catalunya” to grant diplomas of naturopathy officially recognized, through Ment Clara institution he founded, makes a decade. From the perspective of this controversial Catalan healer onetime candidate of the Greens to the European Parliament, “the socio-economic system is sick and causes disease” and alternative medicine, this is the one he practises, “the official academic medicine takes less than a century of life, when ours takes thousands of years because it is the medicine that has been applied in all traditions and all peoples, medicine of wisdom. ”

In this interview he talks about the disease and health from a spiritual perspective and provides an analysis of the most common errors of our current way of life and organization from his point of view.

What is the Disease?

It is simply an imbalance caused by ignorance. But it is also a way of healing itself as it tells you that something must change in our lives. In fact, the disease is unhappiness. Not only is the visible manifestation of external symptoms but any obstruction of the free flow of love and happiness. A person who does not feel right, does not feel happy, balanced, full of well-being and illusion, of a deep and abiding appreciation for living every day, it is in some stage of disease. The different physical manifestations-from a cold to a cancer- and psychological, from a depression to a Psycho are opportunities that show the urgent need to change something, although at that time the person may not know what it is to be changed.

The whole illness is generated on an emotional level?

In fact, the disease occurs in the subtler planes of being, which have never been covered by official medicine. In fact, academic medicine will never be able to progress until it recognizes that man is a spiritual being. It is a psychic being who runs a body, but the emotions are the point where the disease is generated. What is already encouraging is that the world of emotions has finally been recognized by a great physician who will someday be remembered as a genius of medicine: Dr. Ryke Hamer. He is teaching doctors something all wisdom traditions have always managed: the disease is caused by a poorly metabolized psychically psychological impact, or not been able to process and accept well, such as cancer. And this has made this man has been jailed and today is being harassed by their discoveries. And I say discoveries and not theories, and since has been scientifically proven. What he is doing is an applied science and it is unquestionable because there are many people healed testifying in favour of Dr. Hamer method.

To what extent our way of life and social organization contributes to the disease?

In a great extent. For example, we have depressions and conditions of the eye caused by work with computers and nervous disorders caused by work constantly subjected to electromagnetic fields, as in the case of workers from power lines or subways, trains, railway, etc. . We also have cases of poisoning and directly attributed to the work with asbestos cancer, dye, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. Let’s say that today most of the works can be dangerous. That’s why, we think what it’s really sick is the system in which we live, the socio-economic system. It is sick and causes disease because in reality, we do not need much to live, nature is abundant. If we knew to simplify our world, if we knew how to live on a simple manner requiring less, we could also have more time for us. There’s another dangerous thing in today’s labour system is that we absorb too long and does not allow us to dedicate to ourselves and our family and there begins the disease, a social disease, a new slavery to the schedule, the unnatural clock and drudgery . It is also unnatural to do always the same. So the whole system must change.

What is the cure?

Healing is the way to the rebalancing and automatically to a degree more than evolution as a disease is always a result of a crisis, and if we handle it right, if we understand and transcend this crisis, it brings us to another level of consciousness our own reality. When we come to the true healing, we understand that the disease has actually been a school, a true ally.

Does that mean that the disease can be a gateway to a spirituality?

This is because it makes us working in the search of this healing and working in this quest, many times we find the surprise that we are changing, we are recognizing and seeing that we are not what we thought, and we are entering a internal growth path that can lead us to an unexpected point of absolute happiness; It can lead us to the enlightenment itself.

What is the enlightenment?

When I refer to enlightenment, I mean to true happiness, to the output of suffering; and different traditions teach it. Very explicit and rationally, we can explain Buddhism, so I recommend to anyone being in crisis to investigate Buddhism, but not Buddhism as a religion, but Buddhist teachings like a philosophy, as school psyche, as study of the mind because basically, the disease is in the mind and healing also resides there. Specifically, I recommend Vipassana meditation. And for anyone who wants to follow, this is an exciting way. That’s why the disease can be the source of a great adventure, a wonderful adventure. In fact, most people who have come out of suffering has begun with the disease that is the crisis, and this leads to questions, fears, questions, then you have to hold the disease, of course.

In accordance to this perspective, what is the role of a naturopath?

Our mission is to inform and propitiate the necessary resources so that harmony is restored, so that the person asking for help understands what happens in your life, because deep healing is a matter of understanding.

And what exactly do you do?

I dedicate myself to the practice of natural medicine and teaching of the different lines in natural medicine as Geobiology, Dowsing, bionutrition, visual recovery and different methods pursuing internal growth following the laws of nature.

Does natural medicine is one or involves several perspectives or different disciplines covered under the same name?

In reality, there is only one medicine, and there is only one disease, because if there were many diseases, there would also be many cures, and no. There is only one disease state, although he appears with very different symptoms: the disease of ignorance. Ignorance of the laws of harmony and wellbeing imply ignoring that we are incarnated as spiritual beings, that is, we have a body, a perfect machine, but subject of course to the psychic, emotional impacts, to mental confusion, and errors in lifestyle that result in imbalances that manifest themselves as symptoms, but nothing more than this.

To what, then do exist so many “alternative therapies”?

Actually, there is only confusion in the official or academic medicine but there is also confusion in the so-called alternative medicines because after all, it also has become livelihoods for professionals. Each person is defending his plot, if one is working with Reiki, defends Reiki or even the panacea or the solution, the other is defending the polarity, the other is defending homeopathy, or any parcel of knowledge. I think there is a mistake there, there is a misconception in the sense that there are not many medicines, or there is only one medicine and I will not say that there is only the medicine that cures because it is not true, it is a topic only there is medicine that harmonizes and harmonization has many levels and then each of the therapies or medications may be working one level but is harmful to deny others. I think there is only one medicine I repeat, it would be yoga, not as physical discipline, but in its deep meaning, in the sense of connection; which it is also the true sense of the word religion: religar, reuniting in a harmonious way the man with the cosmos; It is, what is the macrocosm with the microcosm that is the human.

What we have so far arrived in the disunity of micro with the macro?

Of course, we are absolutely far given that one of the impacts of the system is on the health of the planet, then we are talking about as far as possible that humanity has ever reached this harmony. That’s why, it also seems to me necessary – would not require but essential–no longer necessary but a revolution at all levels. This revolution must be, of course peaceful. A revolution that follows the laws of harmony, and in fact is already happening, it would be a little one of what we call aquarium revolution or aquarium conspiracy. Many people, many individuals are now plotting to many levels from the intuitive understanding that is reaching us from all sides, now you only need to open your eyes, we just need to express our intention to change so that we immediately get the knowledge on the one hand or for the other. What is certain is that this conspiracy you have to make a conscious, peaceful and loving way, because the first law and only law that really leads to health is the law of love. We never loveless will have health, but not only if we receive it, which is fine, but we’ll only have health if we can give it.

And in this conspiracy, is there any ultimatum set for academic medicine, as you call it?

Well, I think we are entering a point in which the official medicine will soon stop having followers, as happened at the time with the Catholic Church in the Spanish Post-Francoism, for example. Suddenly, the church ceased to have followers; people just started to move from the priests and the Vatican; and now it is giving the same in the West. Spontaneously people start because certain things happen, it means, to do not pay attention not believe, especially doctors. It is like a spontaneous reaction and I think there will be a time when medicine, which now is being held by the public health imposed by the estates, will enter in collapse. Indeed, I believe that public health itself is entering a dead end at the economic level, because it is so public spending that is generating medical inability to ensure health, which eventually will no longer be going to sustain and then the same professionals policy will resort to natural medicine.

How did you start being a naturist?

My experience was certainly a teaching, as are almost always these kinds of experiences. A great lesson because I was a professional, let’s say brilliant at the time, in my work as a chemist. I was working in the food industry, a meat company. I had been in different companies as technical director, as director of laboratory and my career had culminated in the “best” industry Europe in the meat sector. Best quotes. I mean power level, since all had a superb technical advice and great technical resources to develop our function. It was at the time that the Spanish Food Code was produced, and the company had opinion and therefore had first-hand information on food additives, how they worked or how it was supposed to be working and how posed by the World Health Organization the question of additives in food. This was when I began to realize that the World Health Organization was a very little serious entity in the sense that actually most additives were not studied or not sufficiently studied, technical reports almost always ended by saying they did not know the long-term effects or the cumulative effects known. However, authorized and the few that banned it because neither are very rigorously prohibited.

Then, you walked through the door of the dissidence…

Of consciousness, I would say, knowing that in that meat company, we were working with explicit additives or avowedly carcinogenic as it could be nitrites. Were dangerous additives that had serious side effects? Then, I began to realize that I was involved in a rather dark area. We were poisoning people. So I left this company and I dedicated myself to the free advice. I set up a an analysis laboratory of food products, then another who was the second independent laboratory of food analysis, consequence of the Food Code and the need for companies to analyze their products. However, I also realized that the analytical results were more than doubtful because several times performing the same analysis on the same sample, leaving us quite divergent results. That is to say, when we retorted on analysis out divergent results and there was no logical explanation and then we realized from which Health (Institution) gathered samples that curiously would give to the Civil Government, a political body, which later was the one which gave the green light. The shows almost never met the legal requirements of the Food Code, however, I never saw that a company denounces itself because it was not politically correct at that time. When I realized that also the health authorities were engaged by political interests, I entered into a crisis.

You got sick?

Yes. My partner of the present moment had a great depression and I got to sink into much alcohol … However, I managed to get out thanks to I got a written sheet in which it is said that the depressions in the United States were being treated only with food raw, without drugs. Then, we started experimenting raw foods and so my partner could reasonably have come out of depression and began to enter a world in which I was informed of everything that normally of what we are not informed. For example, of such serious problems that could cause sugar, which I could not believe at the time, but there began to see that there was an alternative line in food and this was the foundation of health, not only physical but mental. That was how I became interested and to discover that there was another world, another vision and I began to study, to investigate, and then I went to live in the country and since then still in the field and I’m in this area so interesting of naturopathy.


And when did you start helping other people?

Well, I went and in a lifestyle that we would call hygienist and worked out every day, I showered with cold water, I ate well, a lot of oil, and then with colleagues we began to organize a naturist camp on a mountain. There, we already started having problems with people coming to these weeks of camp. We were doing yoga, exercises, group therapy, games, and was beginning to have people asking for help. And there, we started to see extraordinary results with simple detoxification. Within a week, people changed, came in with a severe depression and went euphoric, in contact with nature, clean intestines, eating well and especially with a different view because he had known meditation, yoga, had entered experiences love with classmates, even physical love because, yes was also the time, a couple of decades. Many followed this path. We began to see the importance of showing and from there because as I set out to open a cabinet naturopathic consultation. I obtained my diploma of naturopathy and so opened a cabinet and from then until now, we are working in this field.

What is natural medicine treatment and which factors do determine the choice of a therapy over another?

We first of all have to be opened to the demand, but not the market demand, but the emotional demand. I try to be attentive to what the person really is asking me not only the verbal level but at subliminal level and then, we have to be humble enough to respect this demand. So this demand depends on which some or other therapies are applied. But in reality, there is only one remedy and it is always the same. The remedy is to order. In principle, I usually start bringing order to the physical plane and this involves entering first phase of detoxification, to try to cleanse impurities, toxins that are usually of two types: those that we generate ourselves through digestions with foods the body does not know how to metabolize and toxins that come from the outside through pollution, breathing, harmful habits such as snuff, of food additives themselves, etc. After this phase, we try to debug regulate power to prevent these impacts poisoning still occur. We also seek the person will rebalance the physical plane other factors, such as sleep and good breathing that is fundamental. Geobiology enters the world of rest. The person often rests wrong because it is subjected to an energy problem in his bedroom; for example, electromagnetic fields or is sleeping on top of underground streams, or are sleeping in Hartman bands, etc. “Feng-Shui” is the technique used by the Eastern Ancient Chinese tradition to find a harmonious place, they knew that not all places are equal and that the dichotomy of the two energies ying, yang all be manifested, everything alive. Then, you had to have a balance between these two energies, we need to do not be subjected to too much yang energy which in this case could be electricity, not too ying as could be the energy of water. We go and look at home and in the workplace, since there are many diseases caused by the work environment. And then, there is a good breathing, often we find that there are structural obstacles, postural types, with the diaphragm, or what are the energy centers and then try to support there as well. The last phase only happens when people are asking us if these early stages, that is when we enter the phase of mental attitude, how the person is expressed in his life, how he receives and perceives the environment, how it relates him with others and try to make him seeing the importance of positive thinking, the importance of changing certain patterns, certain paradigms, anyway … as far as we are still, as parallel to the treatment, we also offer the possibility of coming to our meetings, personal growth where Sufis explain stories, we try to investigate the ways of the different traditions and meditation techniques also apply Anapana. To do this, we organize meetings on the weekend in the countryside where also we introduce different techniques such as Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, the Andean march is a march of power, physical exercise, contact with nature, relaxation, yoga and other techniques Chamánico deeper kind, and certainly people seek contact with what is Vipassana meditation, which is the technique with which Buddha became enlightened, ie cured.

Or is that a treatment with you, it can last a lifetime?

It is a long way in which we are all that we have not yet healed, but we already know where to go and then we try to help others to find the way of peace. We aren’t arrived yet, but what I can say is that we are well, we have some rather loose crisis, but we usually smile. We laughed a lot and enjoyed our children, our family, we do not have too many problems, and live a simple life, and how easy we handled it well and then we are getting better and this shows us that we are on a good path. This is important, the best diagnosis that can each is to ask if each time it gets better or if ever you feel worse, if ever you feel better because it is not bad certainly takes a good way, but if you ever feel worse, something must be done. You have to stop, breathe a little and wonder what failure in your life is or what needs to be improved. We certainly are opened and offer a hand to anyone who needs it, in any crisis, any problem, because one of the characteristics of natural medicine is that it has specialties, we are only brothers who have found a way and that we offer to the other brothers who are interested.

How have you acquired all this knowledge, what has been your training to get to this point?

Well, I would say, I suppose like any professional in your field, I am constantly studying and applying knowledge, because some time ago, I discovered that the only study that serves me is the same one I experienced. Especially study life. Then, any manifestation of life interested me…