Findings of the medicinal values ​​of the coca leaf

April 29, 2016

In 1975, a group of scientists from Harvard University made a careful study of the nutritional value of coca leaf, compared with vegetables and concluded that it contains elements beneficial to health.

In the empire of the Incas there were doctors (hampeq) that healed the sick making chewing coca leaves for trepanning operation skull and other complicated interventions using this plant as an anesthetic against pain. Today it is used when the toothache appears, infusion and chewing to form a bolus which is placed over the painful area to decayed teeth. It is common to see people with coca leaves in the forehead and temples to relieve headache, coca tea is also taken to help make gastric digestion and as a painkiller. Against the bites of spiders and insects, crushed leaves on the affected parts of the body is placed; in diarrheas by leaf infusion. As relief from asthma and against altitude sickness to restore balance to the body by lack of oxygen. Coca increases glucose levels in the blood, lowering due to fatigue or stress caused by everyday problems. In all cases where the man and the Andean woman used medicinally coca leaf, they do a very moderate way: only a few leaves or a handful of small coca used in various ways according to their ancestral traditions that require a label and a great respect for the sacred leaf. The ritual connotations evoking the coca leaf not act otherwise allow the inhabitants of the Andean world that have incorporated into their worldview to the Coca “Sacred leaf of the Incas”.