April 8, 2018
Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana Hospital

An attraction that motivates hundreds of people from all over the region to visit Curahuasi is the Diospi Suyana Hospital, located passed by Ajosca bridge km 843. Its name in Quechua means “God is our hope.” The road leading to the hospital opened in 2007 is in good condition from where you can see at a distance a huge construction with a capacity to house 60 beds. This project was possible due to the initiative of Klaus and Matina John, a couple of religious German doctors, who thanks to international collaboration and solidarity, succeeded to do something unthinkable in the poorest region of the country: open on of Peru’s best hospitals.

I visited the hospital. The access is ordered and secure. Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk with the directors because there are so many people coming from Cusco and Abancay to cure their illnesses, and so few doctors that work at the hospital, that the personnel is not enough. But if you want to know more about this important project, check their website at www.diospi-suyana.com. Curahuasi is officially at km 844. You can find all service a traveler needs: internet, gas and petroleum, and various shops such as pharmacies, restaurants, and lodging like Flor de Anís and San Cristóbal. There is a good market where you can have a healthy portion of oatmeal with maca for breakfast. At the main plaza, where very high palm trees are planted, you cvan see a sloppy replica of the Saywite Rock. The temple of Santa Catalina has oner nave and was built with stone, adobe and lime in the 17th century (it was recognized as a National Cultural Heritage in 1980). You have to go in to see the gilded altarpieces or retables in gold leaf. From the outside you can see the 18 meter¡ tower that has two bells dating from 1746 and 1810.

The festivity of Santa Catalina of Cutahuasi, the town’s patron saint, takes place in November 25 (people say that festivities last 15 days.) this is the occasion when the town is involved in social events, sports practices as well as cultural and religious activities. This is also the time when Curahuasinos practice their favorite hobby: cockfighting. It is so popular that many breeders travel from long distances to participate in the competitions. There is also a farming and artisan festival during these celebrations.