February 18, 2018
Mercado de San Pedro

A day of shopping

You can spend the morning visiting San Pedro Market, where you can purchase some typical produce of Cusco’s gastronomy: breads, wawas (sponge cake), coffee, saúco (medicinal plant with a fruit used to make jam) and some fresh fruits depending on the season (frutilla, wild strawberries for example.) Cheeses are very much appreciated and there is a section exclusively dedicated to its sale.

You should also consider buying chocolates made in La Continental. They’re made with cacao that grows in Quillabamba’s región El Chuncho (one of the best of the world), and their chocolates feature a strong aroma and dense texture. There is a Choco Museo, a Chocolate Museum in Cusco, dedicated to cacao that also has a school where you can learn how to make chocolate.

To continue shopping, another interesting option (that could be considered politically incorrect) is to head towards Bolognesí Bridge, especially if you want to buy second hand adventure sports garments in very good shape and unbelievable prices. The origin of these clothing is what tourists get rid off when their travels end in Cusco. Vendors recycle the pieces which are usually from very good brands.