Coca use in very serious diseases

April 28, 2016

When there is a very serious patient, a healer is sent called (pako). After respectfully greeting the family, she approaches carefully to the patient, so look carefully and making a nod out of its special bag to carry cocaine (chuspa) some leaves standing in a colourful scarf craft to pass coca by the body sick. Home a few prayers to Catholic saints and the spirits of the mountains (Apus) for enabling the restoration of the patient. Then, raising coca up to his forehead says one imprecatory prayer: “Coca Mother” will help me to see that disease of body and spirit is this person, and to find the remedy for healing”. Three times, it is making the sign of the cross on the tissue where it is wrapped of coca, opening the wrapper look at the position of coca leaves and opening the wrapper look at the position of coca leaves. If these appear to point toward the sunrise time will heal the sick, when this operation is repeated with the same result, then clear signal that there will be safe sanitation. But if the leaves point to the west, it is an indication that the patient will die. When coca leaves take an intermediate position between East and West then the patient recovers with difficulty. Finally comes the healer consultation with coca methods and remedies used for the restoration of the sick person.