About the master plants

April 28, 2016

Throughout the history of mankind man, it has benefited from plants. Some have even been domesticated near homes or crops, such as fruits, vegetables and some medicinal plants. Others have not left forests and which require special conditions for their development. In the group of these plants, we call master plants and definitely those that are sown by the Shaman or those found in the wild are planted with medicinal greater force.

The term “master plants” refers to a specific group of plants that have been used since time immemorial by traditions, medicines and plants they teach. Here, we refer to those used by the Andean-Amazonian peoples of Peru and specifically. We will use a five-axle master plants, of which are not dealt with later. These top five are the San Pedro, Coca, Snuff, Ayahuasca and Toe.

They are masterpieces for their behaviour towards the individual who wants to know their properties empirically, whether physical or spiritual. These qualities or effects vary greatly in each subject but maintain some fixed action patterns. These properties are called teachings, once our centers assimilate them. The success of all this teaching (which can also be a cure) depends largely on the shaman, teacher or guide who starts, the individual in the field of action given plant. This teaching is encapsulated in a tradition of people who worked for thousands of years to us in a way so that way the tradition comes to us in a way so that way the tradition comes to us in a positive way and complex, regardless of the level of knowledge of beginner or patient. So, we discourage submerging yourself in the empirical world of plants, unguided teachers or teacher properly prepared.

We as guides or teachers in certain plants, have had at some point in our lives to face the challenge of a new plant without the help of a guide. The new opened path has been much harder and may even reach dangerous limits unwanted in certain cases. No clutch, whenever we have faced this situation was when we had some basis working with other plants. Strong plants such as “Ayahuasca” or “Toe” are impossible to assimilate without the guidance of a teacher, but in some cases could begin to master plants through another already known master plan; for example, Coca study or Toe through the Ayahuasca, which by its quality, will purify opening the knowledge of the other two plants.

The path of knowledge that one opens with a master plan is a road that does not end, can look like to a friendship with a friend or a marriage relationship, but actually looks so much and if not like anything. The relationship with the plant also changes over time, in the same way as the initiate changes consciousness and its relationship to the world.

These changes manifest itself according to the seriousness of the work initiated with the master plan and the opening to their physical, mental and spiritual qualities.

In the first empirical plants making one can do without a guide, or when we find the guide that belongs to us, states may appear unwanted chaos and / or mental confusion that revolutionizes everything inside. This adverse effect, that not all fear and that is usually unavoidable, is given by the lack of cleanliness and management in different centers of our being. Do not panic too much because it is temporary and is one of the first lessons about the real difficulty of this path, which must be taken and guided with great patience and diligence with the help of an expert.

Another point to note is the assimilation and evaluation of the visions. These are built by us from our own cognitive material and can help us, but also confuse. It should therefore assess the visions and messages received from a cold way without being carried away by the phenomenon. Truth always triumphs, you just have to give it time. When we find plants, people and suitable for such work places, evolution and compression can be fully feel deeply within us and out slowly confusion.

Work on the plant is fully flexible and personal, completely varying in each individual, but basically follow these parameters:

– Meeting with the guide or teacher in certain plant and tradition.

– Ingestion of the plant

– Cleaning process and / or healing

– Diet stage or meditation

– Assimilate and opening of consciousness.

The encounter with a guide, teacher or shaman is given by the mysterious laws of chance and is absolutely decisive to make a change or a shift in the spiritual development of the subject. This meeting varies in importance in the same way as the experience of the novice, ie, the more inexperienced. Sometimes, the meeting is preceded by a dream. The subject with more than “connecting” on the other. Sleeping can also reveal to master the subject which is used to start certain way once known as one another. Others will be the future of the student.

Basically, we can say that master and apprentice are mysteriously.

Ingestion of silver, the first few times, marked an important milestone in the life of a novice. This milestone will be repeated in lagoons sometimes with ingestion of some other plant just the same, always opened or close a path of knowledge and power. Also certain plants are used in bathrooms or smoked.

The cleaning and / or healing process is longer, no doubt. It can last for years and never end. Thus, as the physical body needs some cleaning, so it does the spiritual and mental. Most diseases, in our view, come from deficiencies or problems in these bodies. Therefore, the spiritual cleansing as well as the physical body is vital to maintain aid initiated their skills, strength and vital center for so lovingly help others and to project harmony in their environment. In this way the spiritual low, in addition to undergo a rule of life and restrictions that gradually you get used naturally. These restrictions will range from the prohibition of eating certain foods to avoid forms of relationships with certain people or situations.

Diet is a stricter stage in which the initiate undergoes a fast accompanied meditation after a cure. It will be accompanied by a plant to take in certain doses at intervals of time and accompanied by a specific type of meals that are normally suppressed salt and sugar, and other foods. During this stage, Master Plant opened to novice (through dreams, visions and intuitions), their gifts and lessons to support you on your way or cure.

This was completed with the assimilation stage is a period which precedes the diet and is based on a discipline with less restriction and completes the teaching or healing of the individual. In this, the individual will clearly observe changes in the person and his environment. Totally, decisive changes in their destiny as a human being.